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We lost Graham to the world on Friday September 4th.

This page is focused on the solo artistic output of one of the most iconic and distinctive voices in New Zealand Music. Graham Brazier’s first solo album “Inside Out” was recorded with the help of his friends from Hello Sailor and Th’ Dudes’  on a shoe string budget and was completed very quickly. “Inside Out” is now justifiably known as a kiwi classic.




“Not Too Skinny Not Too Fat The Legionnaires are where it’s at”

In 1982 Graham assembled a group of musical mercenaries  to tour and promote Inside Out he called this band “The Legionnaires”

The first release by The Legionnaires was the 12″ EP “Strange Faces at The Oasis”.


The EP earned the band a top ten hit written and sung by Harry Lyon “You Bring Out The Worst in Me” hit the charts and led to the band being asked to perform a set on the Radio with Picture’s TV series of Live At Mainstreet concerts.

The bands segment was filmed on May 13th 1983 and was  released by Mushroom on LP and Cassette.  The album became a best seller with the flip side containing songs from the “Dance Exponents” Live At Mainstreet gig.

Graham revised the band lineup in 1984 with Lyn “Vinnie” Buchanan” the only remaining original member besides Graham. The second Legionnaires release on 12″ E.P was “Nosferatu” c/w “Shanty Town” and “Waiting Room” on the B side. Despite Graham’s best promotional efforts New Zealand Radio steadfastly refused to play the disc.



Graham’s self produced second solo album “Brazier” was released by CBS New Zealand in 1988.

The album spawned three singles the first “Spellbound” b/s “Rags To Ruins” featured the backing vocals of the talented Margret Urlich and a great saxophone solo in the bridge.  The second single “Satelite Town” with B side “Maddona Falls” was written about urban decay in a small New Zealand town and finished with the trade mark Brazier harmonica solo.

For the “Brazier” promotional tour he assembled a 10 piece band named “Brazier and The Corner Boys”.


In 1989 Graham had another fruitless crack at getting some New Zealand Radio airplay with the non album track “Bad Bad Boy” single released coupled with “Motorway” on the B side culled from the album.






















Artwork Courtesy of Peter Vaughan Adams

Between Hello Sailor tours Graham put together the original Legionnaires for a few reunion shows. More lucrative, however, were his Doors Tribute shows which packed the crowds into pubs wherever they played.

East Of Eden” was released in 2005 by Murray Cammick’s Wildside Records. It contained many songs that had been written over the previous few years but had never been released commercially.  Rikki Morris brother of Ian Morris who produced the first Hello Sailor album handled the production with the noted exception of  “Long Gone For Good” which was produced by  Alan Jansson who produced the number one single “How Bizzare” by OMC (Pauly Fuemana).


Promo for the East Of Eden album.